Per Month

Per Quarter

# Family Participants

Corvallis Resident Non-Resident Corvallis Resident  Non-Resident
One $60  $75 $120  $150
Two $110  $140 $220  $280
Three $150  $195 $300  $390
Four $180  $240 $360  $480
Five $200  $275 $400  $550
  • Fees may be paid monthly or quarterly. The quarterly rate is a great savings and is equivalent to a month free every quarter!
  • Families are encouraged to participate together! The family discount applies to immediate family members in the same household: parents, children, sisters and brothers.
  • There are no contracts or minimum commitments!
  • Checks can be made payable to “Fulcrum Tae Kwon Do”.
  • The first class is always free. A drop-in fee of $15 per night is required after the initial free class if you’re not planning to pay monthly or quarterly.
  • Note: There are separate dues for Corvallis residents and non-residents