Contact Info



Poul Petersen is the Fulcrum Tae Kwon Do Director and can be reached at (541) 224-8140

Come to Class!

The best way to get more information is to simply come and watch a class. Feel free to drop in and ask any questions you may have.


Fulcrum TKD class meets in the Cheldelin small gym, which is upstairs. The easiest way to find us is to park in the north parking lot behind Cheldelin and enter the school thru the mat room. If the door is locked, knock on the glass or call (541) 224-8140 and we’ll come let you in. There is usually a Jiu Jitsu class going on in the mat room, so head thru there and go out to the hall to the right. Go left at the first intersection and you will be next to the big gym. There is a staircase on the south side which goes up to the small gym.